500 Miles of Exercise to Raise Money for the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

500 Miles During This Month of December

What up my Road Trip Warriors!? So, last month, I decided I would run 500 miles this month of December. This blog consists mainly of outdoor activities, photos, and information about trails, but I figured I would share what my goal is at the moment. It relates to an active, healthy lifestyle, and I believe this lifestyle should be embraced. I am currently taking a break from hiking (probably until January when I have better winter gear), and in the meantime I wanted to set a massive goal for myself. The goal was to run 500 miles in one month. I am seven days in, and I want to share my thought process, recovery, what I have learned so far, and how to maintain a positive mindset through pain.

Why Am I Putting Myself Through This?

The main reason I have been putting myself through this has been to show myself what I am capable of. I want to know how my body and mind react under heavy stress. I am in the midst of the last week of the semester for my graduate program, working, and exercising like a madman. It has been busy, and I have been loving the process.

Then, while on the treadmill the other day, I figured I could try and raise some money for the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. The foundation has six main focus areas being:

  • Wildlife and Landscapes
  • Marine Life and Oceans
  • Climate Change
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Environment Now California Program
  • Indigenous Rights

I highly recommend checking out the foundation. The way I am trying to raise money is that for every 25 miles I complete, someone donates $1-$5. Here is the GoFundMe link:


The First Six Days

The first six days (12/1/18 – 12/6/18) went very well. I ran 73.5 miles within that time frame, 51 miles being in the first three days. The pace I would run at averaged about 10 minutes for every mile. I was feeling great until yesterday. Due to the high physical demand I was asking of my body, my muscles have gotten extremely tight. Combining that with my graduate program and work, the situation exacerbated. The issue seems to be my IT band. The pain is primarily on the outside of my left knee and everything I researched points to the IT band.

I could have gotten down on myself, and I am very frustrated, but I will attack the problem and find the positives out of this situation.

Adjusting My Approach and Challenge

Initially, I wanted to run 500 miles in one month. I calculated the miles I would need to run every day and the total was about 16-17 miles each day. It is not impossible. It has just proved strenuous for someone that has never run like Forrest Gump…and my body is not used to it.

Rather than quitting, which I will never do (I am a warrior), I simply decided to change my approach for my health and recovery. I decided that I will add biking and walking into this challenge to hopefully accelerate the recovery process. I knew this would be painful, but I also knew I would learn a lot in the process. I will keep you updated every few days on where I am at. Currently….

Running: 73.5 / 500 miles

What I Have Learned So Far…

  • Things do not always go as planned. Even with training, proper diet, and calculations, injuries can still occur.
  • Do not get down on yourself about an injury. Have a positive mentality and embrace active recovery. Find what you can do and do that. Hence why I adjusted the challenge to include biking. I can still lift weights and partake in calisthenics. 
  • There are 24 hours in a day, and you can make time for a majority of your to-do list by being efficient. 
  • Research the best ways to recover from an injury, ask those who have participated in the sport, and do the best you can. I have gained valuable information from my long-distance running friends. 

RTW Note

I hope someone can get something out of this. I will continue to share what I learn through this process and hopefully I can raise some awareness/money for a more sustainable future. The link to the GoFundMe is above and I will also put it at the bottom of this post. Don’t forget to hit the like button and comment on this post with your thoughts. I enjoy reading them and responding. Always have a Road Trip Warrior mentality and embrace the active lifestyle!



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